Does Planet Fitness have Showers

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers

A good workout strengthens your muscles and makes you feel good. It makes you sweaty.

Taking a quick shower is the best way to rinse off after a workout. If you don’t have time to go home after the gym, you need to find a gym with proper facilities

You need to know if they have a shower before you sign up for a membership at Planet Fitness, which is one of the most popular gym franchises in the country.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

YES. Planet Fitness has showers. Planet Fitness has multiple clean showers with privacy curtains that you can use after you exercise. The small towels they give to wipe down machines won’t do the job, and they don’t have shower towels.

If you want to use the shower at Planet Fitness, carry a towel in your gym bag. You’ll need to bring a bar of soap or a body wash. You will need to put your items in a locker while you shower.

Tips For Using The Lockers And Showers At Planet Fitness

You should use the shower at the gym. For a reason, Planet Fitness gives them. You should use them properly so that you follow gym rules.

1. Keep The Code To Your Lock In Your Car

It is easy to forget the code if you don’t use it frequently.


You will probably have your phone in your locker when you take a shower, but you can keep the code in your phone. If you have to get your items from your locker, keep the code in your car.

2. Condense Into Small Bag

If you keep your items in a small bag, they will fit into the lockers. You will not be able to use the lockers if you can not fit your items in them. Depending on the location, the locker sizes may change.

3. Keep Valuables At Home

We can’t imagine taking off our wedding rings at the gym. You should probably leave it at home. Planet Fitness has no responsibility if the ring falls down or is stolen. You will need insurance to deal with the situation.

4. Wear Shower Shoes

Showers provide the perfect conditions for the condition known as “athlete’s foot.”vAthlete’s foot refers to a fungal infection that causes extreme itchiness and discomfort. You should wear flip flops when you shower at the gym, similar to wearing flip flops in a dorm shower.

5. Cool Down First

Before jumping in the shower it is best to cool down. The shower may cause your body temperature to be too high and cause shock.

6. Be Quick

If other people need to use the showers, keep your shower time to a minimum. You don’t need to shave. Get out, rinse off.

7. Use Warm Water

Both cold and hot water have advantages. Cold water reduces inflammation, and hot water relaxes muscles. Cold water can shock the system, and hot water can dry the skin. Take a compromise of cool water. You can change between cold and hot.


No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Planet Fitness has a great budget gym solution.

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