Are you getting the ” Security Policy Prevents of Camera” error? This error message has been reported by many users on several forums, and it seems like it is mostly on the devices of the manufacturer.

It is difficult to use the camera app because of this issue. The camera app will show this message whenever you launch it. This article will show you how to fix the problem with the error message.

Why does Security Policy Prevents Use Of Camera?

The “Security policy prevents use of camera” notification stops users from using the camera app because of a number of factors.

Inappropriate configuration of the camera app or the phone’s settings:

This is one of the main reasons behind the issue at hand. There is a higher chance of getting the security message on a device if the camera or phone settings are not up to date.

Conflict with a 3rd party application:

3rd party applications are very useful. but Some of them could interfere with the phone camera. You will get a security policy message if the camera fails to launch.

Corrupted cache or data for the camera app:

The camera app may be in trouble if the data in the cache is corrupted.

The phone’s sensors are disabled:

If the camera sensor is disabled, you will get a security policy notice when launching the camera app.

The main reasons for the security policy preventing the use of camera messages on your phone are. You will learn how to get rid of that message.

Tips to Fix Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera on Samsung 

There are a few easy ways to get rid of the Security Policy.

1. Restart the Samsung Phone 

If you want to keep it simple, just restart your device. If you restart your phone, the problem is usually a glitch that can be easily fixed. If you restart your device, you will be able to fix the issue at hand.

Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera

In cases like this, the cause is often a corrupt dictionary where the images and videos are stored. It would be better if you restart the device after removing the card.

2. Test the Samsung Phone’s Camera in Safe Mode 

The camera module may have been interfered with by malicious apps or customizations, which can cause the security policy restriction on cameras. In such a situation, testing the phone’s camera in Safe Mode will resolve the problem.

  1. Press the Power Button on the side and wait untill the Power Menu to appear. 
  2. You’ll get the prompt to enter Safe Mode when you hold the Power option.
  3. If you tap on the Safe Mode option on the screen, you will be able to enter Safe Mode on the device.

The camera app should be launched right now. If the phone is operating perfectly and there is no message on the screen, you should restart the phone in normal mode. To get this fixed, you need to change settings or remove malicious third party apps from the device.

3. Disable the Sensors Off Feature 

The sensor on the phone plays a crucial role. If you have turned them off or not configured correctly, you will face a security policy that prevents the use of camera notifications on your mobile phone.

You need to make sure that the Sensors Off feature is turned off on your phone. You will be able to remove this feature from the quick settings panel. You can access the panel, locate the Sensors Off and turn them off.

If you’ve already accessed the Developer Options, you’ll be able to get this option. Don’t bother if you don’t see the option on the quick panel. You have not changed the sensor’s settings.

You can check out the steps below if you still want to know how to deactivate the Sensors Off option.

  1. You can launch the settings app on the phone.
  2. Select the build number when you tap on software information.
  3. The Developer Options will be activated if you tap the build number seven times.

You need to go back to the Settings Menu. You can tap on developer options. Click on the developer tiles to scroll down. The Sensors Off option is found in the following menu.

If you turn on the switch next to it, you will see the option on the quick settings panel. If it is turned off, it won’t be visible.

4. Disable Device Admin Apps 

The root of the problem could be the admin apps. You have to look for the device admin apps in your phone’s settings to be sure.

  1. Go to settings and tap on Biometrics and Security.
  2. Click on Other Security Settings option available.
  3. Go to device admin apps.

If you think one of the apps may be the issue, you should turn it off. Finally, tap on the Deactivate option

5. Clear Cache & Data for the Camera App 

The corrupted cache files can cause security policy issues. The camera app has the same features as other applications.

The app will malfunction if the files are corrupt. It may not launch in some cases. Clear the cache and data of the camera will be the best idea.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung mobile. 
  2. You can find the Camera app by tapping on the apps.
  3. Select the Storage option when you tap on the Camera app.
  4. There are two Clear Data and Clear Data options at the bottom of the page.

The Camera app’s cache and data can be cleared by using the options individually. After the corrupted files are eliminated, the camera will work correctly.

6. Update Samsung to the Latest Android Version

You’re going to update your phone to the latest version. Outdated software could be the cause of your camera security issues.

You can follow the steps to update your phone. These steps may be slightly different depending on your phone model.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and select System.
  • Tap System update.
  • Then, tap on the check for updates. tap download and install if there’s a new update available. 

7. Reset the Camera App 

There is a camera app for every user. The users will take better pictures if they do this.

Sometimes, the customizations fail and cause the camera to fail. The camera app should be reset to its factory default in such situations.

  1. The Camera app has a Gear-Shaped icon at the top left corner of the panel that you can use to access the Camera settings.
  2. Now, scroll down and click on Reset Settings.   

Confirmation will be asked for. Provide it. After the camera app is reset, launch it again. The issue will hopefully be solved.

8. Factory Reset the Samsung Phone 

The Factory Data Reset is necessary if none of the solutions worked for your mobile.

A factory reset is an effective fix for a lot of issues. The procedure erases all the customization and data so it’s not a big deal for the users. You don’t need to worry if you’ve backed up your phone.

  1. The General Management option can be found on the settings app on your mobile.
  2. If you tap on the Reset option, you’ll get the Factory DataReset button.

There will be a new panel on the screen. The blue reset button is located if you scroll down. It is possible to factory reset your phone.

Final Words

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to fixing the security policy on your camera. We hope the tips in this guide will help you with your camera.

You should take your mobile to the nearest repair center if you are still having the same issue after implementing the aforementioned solutions.

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