Who Will Pick up Old Appliances for Free

Who Will Pick up Old Appliances for Free

Free used appliance pick-up is so satisfying if you have upgraded an appliance or bought a new one.

Determining who and how to make that happen is a big problem. Here are some tips for free used appliance pick-up services that you can make use of.

Some Common Free Used Appliance Pick Up Options

It is not very likely that you will be successful if you look for a service that provides free pick up and hauling of old appliances. Some retailers will do that for you if you purchase a new appliance from them, but it is not a common service.

There are a number of ways to get rid of your old appliance, which will give you free pick up.

Donate Your Used Appliance

The easiest way to get rid of old appliances is to give them away to someone for free.

Ask your friends and family if they need an appliance if your appliance is still working. You can find a grateful recipient quickly by posting your offer on a site like Next-door.

Another Option is to donate your appliance to a non-profit organization. Habitat for Humanity Restores and The Salvation Army actively ask for old appliances. You should confirm that they are able to take your appliance before you load it up on a truck and take it to them.

The Vietnam Veterans Association is a worthwhile organization. They accept all types of donations and have free pick-up. To schedule a donation pick up, go to their website and look for the nearest location.

Find a Buyer for Your Used Appliance

Selling your old appliances can be more difficult than donating them, but sites like Facebook Marketplace make it easier than ever. This approach will allow you to make extra money, get rid of your old appliance, and have someone else pick it up.

You can sell your appliance to a scrap metal dealer if you don’t want to put up an ad, take pictures, and write a description. If you can have it picked up for free, you will have some cash from the transaction, but you won’t get as much.

Have Your Appliance Recycled 

Recycling old appliances is a responsible and eco-friendly way to get rid of them.

You don’t just get your free appliance pickup; you also have the option of recycling or reusing the metals and other components of your appliance.

Your old washing machine or refrigerator isn’t sitting around in a landfill near you. They’re instead being recycled or repurposed for use at an Amazon fulfillment center near you.

Free Used Appliance Pick Up for Recycling

There are a few things to think about when it comes to having your unwanted appliances picked up. Along with the junk hauling part of the job, you also need to decide if your appliance should be recycled.

Any appliance you can’t sell or donate is a good candidate for recycling. These appliances can’t be used for anything unless someone is willing to repair them. Taking them to your local landfill is either not allowed in your state or, if it is, can still involve restrictions.

Which appliances need to be thrown away? Machines that are no longer working, machines with broken seals and cords, and machines that have overheated or smoked. There are appliances that may have been recalled by their manufacturers but never returned.

Sometimes it’s easier to simply call in a professional junk hauler like Junk King. You won’t get free pick-up, but you will get transparent pricing.

It is a pick-up way to ensure that your appliance is recycled properly.

Junk King Provides Used Appliance Pick Up 

Junk King provides a safe and eco-friendly old appliance removal service.

With Junk King, you don’t have to worry about the pick-up or disposal of your used appliance, because our priority is preserving the environment, we will make sure that your old appliance ends up in the right place. Contact us for your appliance disposal needs.

It’s easy to schedule your pick-up.

You can make an appointment by booking online or calling 1.8888.888.JUNK (5865). When our appliance removal team arrives at your home, we will call you 15 minutes before we show up.

We will give you a free estimate on how much space your appliances take up in the truck. We haul those items into our junk removal trucks with no hidden fees.

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